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Garbage Removal Service

We provide trash, scrap and foreign waste removal services for ships at the Kribi Deep Seaport in Cameroon. EDEF Ship Chandler garbage removal service is effective enough to meet the waste disposal needs of the maritime industry.

Vessel & Tank Cleaning Services

EDEF Ship Chandler has experienced personnel equipped with specialized tools to deliver a safe and quality finish. We provide industrial tank cleaning and maintenance services at the Kribi Port, in Cameroon.

Underwater Cleaning Services

We also provide highly specialized and environmental-friendly underwater propeller polishing, hull cleaning and inspection services to vessel at the Kribi Port. We also work with partners in other ports in Cameroon and ensure that the service standards remain consistent across our net

  • Garbage removal
  • Sludge oil removal
  • Tank cleaning & maintenance
  • Engine room cleaning
  • Pest control & fumigation
  • Pumping out of ballast water
  • Underwater hull cleaning
  • Propeller cleaning & polishing
  • Underwater inspection of hull, steering & propeller gears
  • Replacement of hull protection

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